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When they found this little note left by this abandoned dog, everyone was stunned…

About a year ago, in the English countryside in 2018, people discovered a dog named Tessa. The 12-year-old bitch was alone in the field with a bag of coarse grains, a bowl of water and a blanket.

Necessary rescue

When the South Yorkshire Pet Ambulance Association discovered Tessa, she was completely alone in her field, letting her fend for herself and lost her way.

When they found Tessa, volunteers from the association immediately found the note left by her in the kibble food bag. A word that they remember for a long time, both sad and disgusting.

“This bitch is 12 years old. Tessa is not my bitch. My neighbor is moving to Canada and asked if I can keep her. I said yes, a little out of obligation, but I know I don’t want to keep her ( …) Tessa ate her first meal around 11:30. My neighbor is happy to know that Tessa will be handled properly. Sorry, I don’t need a dog. ”

In this way, Tessa was cowardly abandoned by a neighbor who only wanted to please the neighbor without considering the consequences. Fortunately for Tessa, she was lucky enough to meet volunteers from the South Yorkshire Pet Ambulance Association.

The association explained that it had some doubts about the story of the trip to Canada, believing that the dog was abandoned by its owner. Simply.

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