They find fourth leak in Nord Stream gas pipeline amid alleged sabotage


The Swedish Coast Guard reported on Thursday Fourth Fugue in natural gas pipelines Nord Stream 1 and 2 Broken this week.

“Another gas leak has been detected in the Baltic Sea. Two of the fourth leaks are in Sweden’s exclusive economic zone and the other two are in Denmark,” a spokesman confirmed to the newspaper. Swedish daily.

With this new leak, there are already two of four leaks in the gas pipeline, two each.The Swedish Police Intelligence Service (SÄPO) has taken over the investigation into the gas leak and the possible “A foreign power is behind” so-called sabotage.

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suspect one Russia may sabotage Hover over these four fugues. Authorities in Sweden, Denmark and Germany, as well as the European Union, have blamed the gas for sabotage, and its source is under investigation.

EU suspects Russian submarines and sabotage are behind the sabotage Warning for ‘strongest possible’ reaction Any intentional disruption of its energy infrastructure.

Apart from these doubts, Swedish National Seismic Networkdetected two explode in the area, before the spill. In an interview with public television station SVT, Bjorn LundA professor at the Swedish National Seismological Network explained that the measuring station in southern Sweden recorded This explodethe first is in the early morning of Sunday to Monday, and the second is already in the afternoon of Monday.

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For its part, Nord Stream AG, the operator of Snord Stream, confirmed on Tuesday that the damage to the gas pipeline was “unprecedented”. At the same time, Germany guarantees that corrosion of the pipes renders Nord Strea 1 and 2 unusable.

Nord Stream 1 closed by Putin

traffic North Stream 1with an annual gas output of 55 billion cubic meters, Closed by Russia on September 2 last year indefinitely.

[Gazprom recorta las entregas de gas a la francesa Engie por un “desacuerdo” en la aplicación de contratos]

The pipeline should be Will reopen on September 3 However, after fixing an oil spill from its only operating turbine, Gazprom, which controls the infrastructure, was unable to fix it due to Western sanctions, a decision that was a clear one for the EU Blackmail Europe with natural gas.

In fact, this decision by Gazprom was made a few hours later finance ministers Group of Seven (United States, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Canada and Japan) decided to impose a stop – That is, to limit the price of Russian oil exports. The measure is designed to prevent the Kremlin from taking huge revenues when the price of a barrel of crude rises.

Nord Stream 2, full but never opened

The German government confirmed this Tuesday Pressure drop in Nord Stream 2a completed pipeline, not completed and filled with gas, but passing through it This fuel has never been imported Shortly before the war in Ukraine, Berlin suspended the ratification process and ruled out its implementation.

In fact, Germany’s decision to block the flow of gas through the pipeline was in response to Moscow’s recognition of its self-proclaimed People’s Republic Donetsk and Luhansk, In Eastern Ukraine, February.



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