They arrested Colombia’s number one drug dealer, Clan del Golfo leader “Otoniel”

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Dairo Antonio Úsuga David, alias “Otoniel”Colombia’s top drug dealer was arrested this Saturday. In this way, the Colombian government has dealt the worst blow to drug trafficking in the country in nearly three decades.

Also known as “Otoniel”, for more than six years, laughed at the fierce persecution of thousands of police and soldiers who searched towns and jungles in the Uraba region, the northeastern part of the country and the border with Panama as part of the operation Agama Nong was arrested in a place called Cerro Yoki under the jurisdiction of Necoclí in the province of Antioquia.

Capture the importance of “Otoniel”, 50 years oldColombian President Iván Duque emphasized this point, and he went to the Tolemeda base in the central part of the country this afternoon with the army and police leadership to deliver a victory report.

“This is the most serious blow in our country’s crackdown on drug trafficking in this century. Can only be compared with the fall of Pablo Escobar In the 1990s, “the head of state pledged.

International operation

The President added that the arrest of “Ottonil” was the result of a “joint, clear and meticulous operation”, with hundreds of members Police, Army, Marine Corps and Air Force And got the name of “Osiris Operation”, which is a continuation of “Agamemnon”.

In the first photo of “Otoniel”, he was wearing pants and a black shirt with his hands tied behind his back and smiling. After getting off the military helicopter, a soldier holding a rifle led him.

In emphasizing that “Otoniel” is ” The scariest drug dealer in the world“The President emphasized that in view of the international danger of this criminal, this arrest is also an “intelligence work” for the Colombian army to share information with American and British institutions. “

“The killer of police, soldiers, social leaders, and recruits of minors; he is also known for the dementia that caused him to repeatedly abuse children and adolescents,” as the president defined in his statement to the country.

According to Colombian police, the alias “Otoniel” started illegally in the ranks of the People’s Liberation Army (EPL) guerrillas. He withdrew in 1991 after signing the peace agreement and joined the People’s Liberation Army shortly after. Paramilitary organization Colombian United Self-Defense Force (AUC).

The police said in a statement: “Over time, he and his brother Juan de Dios Úsuga David (Juan de Dios Úsuga David) became one of the leaders of the Eastern Plains Centaur. One, he is called’Giovanni’ in the criminal world.”

After the demobilization of AUC in 2006, “Otto Neal” and his brother “started Extend tentacles to all regions of the country And to consolidate a criminal organization that mainly relies on drug smuggling “but also has illegal mining, extortion and smuggling of money”.

The end of the Gulf clan?

“In Operation Osiris, this attack under the alias of’Otonil’, The end of the Gulf clan. For all people who fall into this criminal structure, my message to you is clear and powerful: either they will be tried immediately, or the full burden of the law will fall on them in the same way,” Duke added .

General Luis Fernando Navarro, the commander of the military forces, detailed the final phase of the capture operation, which was designed on October 15 and launched at dawn on Friday, when the last safety ring of Úsuga was broken.

General Navarro said: “More than 500 men from special forces, army, and marines blocked the river corridor. The Air Force provided coverage of the intelligence platform and mobilized troops from different parts of the country,” he added. Also use “22 transport helicopters and close air support“.

As far as he is concerned, General Jorge Luis Vargas, the chief of police, assured that his men knew that “Otto’Neill did not go home and did not communicate via mobile phone” and that “50 satellite intelligence experts” tracked his Every move. In the last few weeks.

According to General Vargas, “Ottonil” Eight safety rings They were determined through “satellite cooperation with American and British agencies”, with details such as “we know he is eating” and “his favorite dishes are animals from the jungle of Uraba.”

In addition to the 128″ weighing issued by the “Otonier” in Colombia for crimes such as drug trafficking, extortion, murder, forced displacement, arms trafficking, formation of armed groups, conspiracy and crimes against humanity, etc. Seven convictions and one extradition request from the United States.

Regarding extradition, Duke said today: “We will cooperate with the authorities to accomplish this task,” but he clarified that this should not be an obstacle. “Therefore, the full truth of his other crimes in our country is also known. .”


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