They arrested a man with a knife at the entrance to the Mass of Pope Francis of Cyprus

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Police Cyprus A man was arrested this Friday for trying to enter the state with a knife Pope Francisco He is celebrating Mass in the capital Nicosia. A police officer revealed: “During the search, a 43-year-old foreigner was arrested holding a knife.”

The second security source explained that the knife appeared to be “For personal use only” It seems to have nothing to do with the Pope’s presence in Cyprus.This man is believed to be from Nigeria, Being interrogated.

Pope in a Three-day island tour. This Friday, he celebrated on the second day of his visit, Mass attended by thousands of believers, especially Migrant workers from the Philippines and Poland As well as the several African countries that make up the country’s Catholic community, the Orthodox Church is the majority.

Occupying only one stand of the stadium, the altar is in front, they are closed 10,000 faithful giftsAccording to sources in the Vatican, people representing Catholics in the country can “Great Hope” To the people in Francisco, as a group of Filipino women explained to Effie, they are almost all domestic workers, waving their own national flag constantly.

There are also a few immigrants from Cameroon or Namibia among the faithful, such as Jean Michel, who together with his Catholic compatriots expressed their pleasure to see the Pope come to this country. Two years ago, he travelled through Turkey to this country. landing. Finally on this island in the Mediterranean.

The Latino Patriarch of Jerusalem, Pierbatista Pisabara The Latin Catholics representing Cyprus talked about how “this small island, although it has been hurt by so many divisions”, is an example of “welcome and integration” in a church, as can be seen in this congress, in which it is impossible to distinguish who is Cypriots and who are not Cypriots, where do the most diverse ancestry come from: Asians, Africans, Europeans, immigrants, foreign workers”.

Cyprus is the country with the most refugees in the EU Compared with the population, it is estimated that about 10,000 immigrants will arrive this year, a 38% increase from 2020.


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