They arrested a fake Santa who robbed a store in Rome and used a “car sharing” service to escape


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A dress Santa Claus (Santa Claus, Viejito Pascuero or San Nicolás, whatever you call him) Robbed more than a dozen companies with guns within a few days, then ran away with money in the purest way and was arrested in Rome Run with money (1969), a famous movie Woody Allen Although it was released more than 50 years ago, incidents such as this show that it has not lost its effectiveness.

Carabineros corps (Italian military police) reported the incident on Tuesday and it has been collected by the agency Effie.

The arrest occurred on Monday night, after the approximately 45-year-old suspect robbed a tobacco shop in the center of Rome, thanks to the follow-up actions that the agents managed to find and arrest him.

When arresting the man, He is under investigation for ten robberies committed in the capital in recent days, five of which have been prosecuted. He was carrying stolen money, a loaded pistol, and a file with the lyrics of a rap song about the robbery.

Italians always use the same “modulation techniques”, wearing a typical red suit, beard and Christmas hat, entering the business as Santa Claus, and threatening their owners with a pistol to withdraw money from the cash register. And escaped by carpooling service (Or “car sharing” if we use Anglo-Saxon terminology) Working in the city.

In addition, the agents found several packets of marijuana in the detainee’s home.


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