They arrest ‘Cosa Nostra’ father and son who planned to take drugs from South America to Italy


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Italian authorities on Sunday arrested a father and son of the Sicilian mafia Cosa Nostra as they plan to establish an international drug channel with Brazil and other South American countries to import cocaine.

They are Giuseppe Guttadauro known as “Il dottore” (the doctor) and his son Mario Carlo, both Cosa Nostra and Indicted for various crimes of a mafia naturein a statement informed the body of the Carabineros (military police).

Among the multiple crimes blamed on them, the father has organised a Overseas drug trafficking channelsusing Albania’s ally to produce cannabis and establishing a cocaine market with South America.

For the latter, Guttadauros will be assisted by a flight attendant who, according to documents collected, was already responsible for bringing 300,000 euros to Brazil immediately after the cocaine arrived in Europe, especially the Netherlands.

In an intercepted communication, the father and son talked about a One thousand kilograms of goods per month will arrive in Rotterdamwith the help of customs officers.

The police action baptized as Ymir also made it possible to illustrate the difference between the older and younger representatives of Cosa Nostra.

During interception, Father expresses concerns about new gangster valuesespecially after the two of them decided to work with Justice and asked his son to “evolve but adhere to the principles of Cosa Nostra.”

In fact, the father settled in Rome after his release in March 2012, where he carried out his business and mafia affairs, and used his son to keep in touch with the clan in Palermo (south).

“Il Dottore” is believed to be from the “capo de capos” region, Matteo Messina Denaro, Italy’s most wanted man and a fugitive for three decades.


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