They arrest a young man who threw eggs at Carlos III: ‘This country was built with the blood of slaves’


A man was arrested by police on Wednesday after a trial throw eggs against him King Charles III In York, north of England, as the monarch greets the people gathered in that English city.

TV cameras showed the moment the three eggs fell to the ground, next to Carlos III and the queen, stretcher, They shake hands with citizens in the Micklegate pub area in York.

although Not a single egg reaches the king, Security personnel immediately evacuated him from the scene.

At the time of the man’s arrest, whose identity or age has not been provided, a man is heard shouting: “This country was built with the blood of slaves”while other attendees began singing the national anthem, “God Save the King.”

Carlos III came to the throne on September 8 following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, at the age of 96.



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