They accuse SHEIN of violating chemical substance regulations


Berlin (EFE)

A report led by Greenpeace Germany and published today indicates that seven out of 47 SHEIN textile products tested (or 15%) contain chemicals at levels above those permitted at EU level.

Five of these products exceeded the chemical substance concentration limits by more than 100%, while fifteen contained substances at worrying levels, ie above the 32% which marks the OEKO TEx certificate.

Users purchased the items – clothing and footwear for men, women, children and babies – from SHEIN websites in Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland, as well as from a store in Munich, in the south of Germany.

Phthalates, High Level Chemicals in SHEIN Products

In particular, phthalates are present at very high levels in shoes, as well as formaldehydes in children’s clothing.

This demonstrates “SHEIN’s negligent attitude towards the environmental and human health risks associated with the use of hazardous chemicals when these conflict with its own economic benefits”, according to the NGO.

These dangerous chemicals are the basis of the high-speed fashion of the Nanjing-based company, according to Greenpeace, which denounces that the textile giant endangers not only the health of consumers, but also that of workers and suppliers. of its factories.

“Greenpeace calls on the EU to enforce its hazardous chemicals laws, which are a fundamental requirement to achieve a circular textile economy and an end to fast fashion, as outlined in the EU’s own textile strategy”, Celia said. biodiversity of the NGO.


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