They aborted an attempted coup in Sudan and arrested the people involved, most of them military

this Sudanese Army Miscarriage this Tuesday Coup attempt, Sudan’s official radio and television station reported on Tuesday, and Sudan’s official news agency stated that All soldiers involved in the attempt were detained They are being questioned.

Sudan’s official television station and official radio station in Um Durman, a neighboring city of Khartoum, claimed early in the morning that the country was facing an “attempted coup” and urged citizens to face it.

Subsequently, Sudan’s official news agency SUNA reported that all participants in the attempted riot had been arrested and investigations were launched.

A military source who requested anonymity told Efe, More than 40 soldiers detained, Armored divisions belonging to the Um Durman and Wadi Sidna military districts, including a general, have been sent to a military prison for questioning.

With regard to the transition period that began after the overthrow of dictator Omar al Bashir in 2019, Mohamed al Faki, a member of the Sovereignty Council, assured on his Facebook account that “the situation Is getting worse”. control. “

Faki later confirmed in a statement to the official television station that “the coup attempting to seize power has been contained” and called on the Sudanese to “stand up” to defend the country and “protect the transition” to a democracy led by the sovereign committee. Composed of civilians and soldiers.

According to military sources consulted by Effie, Coup planners aim to control radio and televisionn officers subsequently arrested members of the Sovereign Council headed by the general Abdul Fatah Burhan, And the prime minister’s government, Abdullah Hamdok.

According to eyewitnesses, the army closed the bridge on the White Nile connecting Khartoum and Umduman to prevent the insurgents from passing, but after an hour of blockade, the bridge reopened and traffic resumed to normal.


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