“These voices are still haunting me”: She heard the noise in the cornfield and made a terrible discovery-Rescue-Zimo News


“These voices still bother me”

A week ago, a woman was walking on a dirt road when she heard her screaming from a cornfield. Suddenly, his blood coagulated…

A few days ago, the incident took place in the Romanian countryside and immediately aroused great indignation.

Newborn puppies abandoned in the wild

On this day, a woman walked quietly near the cornfield and heard a harsh cry. She immediately understood that something went wrong and we needed her help.

Soon, the woman was surprised to find that six newborn puppies were lying among the ears of corn. Hunger, fear, and freezing, these puppies are only 12 days old and doomed to die.

The woman then contacted a professional association because she was unable to take care of the puppies and needed help.

It is safe now. The puppy has not been seriously affected and has begun to regain strength. Without this woman, they must all be dead now…

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