These giant SD Demon Slayer stuffed animals are definitely not chibis【Photos】


Huge and super cute stuffed Demon Slayers to share your home with.

In some overseas anime fan communities, the term “chibi” is used to describe the redrawing of characters with short, short limbs and a delightfully chubby physique. But chibi is actually originally a Japanese word for “small” among Japanese fans, this type of character design is more commonly called SD, super-deformed, or deform.

So while non-Japanese fans might call it new Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba “chibi” stuffed animals, Japanese fans probably wouldn’t call them chibi…especially since they are giant.

Part of the manufacturer Taito Doqute line of giant stuffed animals referenced in these Demon Slayers 106 centimeters (41.7 in) high and 65 centimeters wide. They also weigh approx 9 kilograms (19.8 pounds), so think twice before jokingly tossing them across the room or putting them on the same shelf where you keep your Fabergé egg collection.

Naturally the main character Tanjiro he is part of the lineup, as is a fan favorite Rengokuwhich looks especially dramatic from behind.

▼ You might think this is a hairstyle that cannot be taken off in real life, but we beg you to be different.

It completes the group Nezukocomplete with her bamboo muzzle to prevent people from biting…


…and Inosukenaturally wearing a mask on a boar’s head.

Given their proportions, you’ll probably have to rethink which one to welcome into your home. Your wallet will also appreciate such careful consideration, as Doqute stuffed animals cost 66,000 yen (US$475).

Tanjiro and Nezuko will go on sale on November 18, with shipping scheduled for May, followed by Zenitsu and Inosuke on December 23 with a June shipment. Rengoku, like its style, arrives a little later, going on sale on February 3rd and shipping in July. They are all available here via the Taito Products online store.

Source: PR times
Top image: Online store with Taito products
Insert images: PR Times, Taito online store (1, 2, 3)
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