These are the Zara dresses that Marta Ortega can choose for Carlos Cortina’s wedding

Marta Ortega arrives at the wedding of Carlos Cortina and Carla Vega-Penichet Be prepared to catch all eyes. As if she is a bride herself, fashion experts are watching her closely.Become the visible face of Inditex Marta Ortega In every performance he participated in, he took the first seat in the best dress. She is a trend leader who astounds the world with a fuchsia XL blouse dress. The color that Queen Letizia has used many times is a statement of intent.If you want to imitate Marta Ortega’s style at your wedding Carlos Cortina Without taking too much risk, pay attention Zara dress Any act of pink.

Marta Ortega and Carlos Torretta will celebrate the wedding of Carlos Cortina and Carlo Vega Penichet in Jerez de la Frontera on Saturday, September 4, 2021.

The Zara dress that Marta Ortega could have chosen for Carlos Cortina’s wedding

The first option is a very cute and comfortable puff sleeve dress. We like the strong pink in the Marta Ortega dress, but we want something more traditional so that it can be reused in the future. It has a beautiful back and some golden accessories, we will be the most elegant of any act, 39.95 euros, one of the most beautiful new Zara dresses.

These are the Zara dresses that Marta Ortega can choose for Carlos Cortina’s wedding

Dresses with thin straps and knotted on the chest are a highly stylized choice.The knot in the middle makes the waist flat. We can combine it with a suit jacket, high heels and some special accessories to give it the bridal look we are looking for. Satin touch is often worn, the same style worn by Marta Ortega. The crossed back is really beautiful, and for only 39.95 euros, we will have a great Zara dress.

Retro linen clothing under 30 euros is a good choice. The absolute elegance of pink is what we will find in this dress. It has a simple tailoring that helps to show the curve, no matter how big or small, it will be perfect, and its structure ensures that it adapts to every body. Some cuts on the side and a belt that can be replaced with gold will make us the good people we want to show the world.

These are the Zara dresses that Marta Ortega can choose for Carlos Cortina’s wedding

Zara’s pink cape skirt is very Valentino, a low-priced single product, looks very designerThey are 49.95 euros and we will spend on one of the most popular Zara dresses. A piece of clothing that we can use when we are pregnant or when we have just given birth to a child. It looks very good without losing our unique femininity and elegance. Wearing long earrings, we will feel that we are the queen of any behavior.

The midi dress with V-neck is very feminine and flattering. This dress of the same color as Marta Ortega wears. The classic design is the purest Hollywood style in the 50s. It can also be tailored for weddings. Even the bridesmaids can wear a simple style. A good bet of 49.95 euros always looks good.

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