These are the plans to prepare Christmas at home according to ‘Very Much’


Christmas is like an Antena3 movie. It is the time when everything is filled with joy and nostalgia, it smells like baked cookies, it is very cold and homemade plans are the best option. But before the family dinners and gifts under the tree arrive, you have to set the house, the city and fill everything with lights that announce the arrival of one of the most beautiful festivities of the year. It is therefore Very much you have created your own advent calendar to kick off the most magical day of December.

For the most indecisive, the home decoration and accessories store has created a series of plans to make the month of December as bearable and entertaining as possible. The first day, Very much has recommended putting order in the recipes. In order to establish the menu for these holidays, it has launched a recipe notebook for €5.99 with which to leave written forever the culinary jewels from generation to generation.

For day 2, it’s time to put order in the kitchen one of the spaces with the most prominence at Christmas, since all the magic is cooked there. Continuing with the culinary art, the third day will be dedicated to cook a homemade Panetone, one of the most classic Christmas sweets. According to legend, the Panetone was born in Milan on Christmas Eve, but if you want to know more, Very much He tells the true story and the step-by-step recipe on his website. An ideal plan for the smallest of the house.

The fourth day consists of a family activity, which is why the decoration store has released several wooden figures for an approximate price of 5 euros that you can paint thanks to the paintings that accompany them. After capturing your creativity, you can hang the figurines on the Christmas tree and make it unique and most original. While the fifth day is the ideal for begin to fill the house of magic with Christmas decorations, the sixth day is perfect for making hot chocolate to share. One of the sweetest traditions of Christmas. And it is that, although in Spain we are more of chocolate with churros, the truth is that it is time to experiment and adapt to the American customs of mixing it with cinnamon and marshmallows.

Wooden figures / Very much

On the 7th you have to continue with the decoration and fill some corners with charm. After this, the next day may be the right one to dedicate time to your loved ones and spend the cold at home playing board games. Is there a better plan? Very much he says ‘no’ and for this he has released a parcheesi, a four in a row, a mikado, a domino and a sudoku. All for less than eight euros. Fun is assured.

On the 9th and 10th they can be blanket, sofa and peli. Prepare your favorite drink in the €3.99 Mr.Brown mug, grab a good blanket to escape the cold, open Netflix and enjoy the dark with a little touch of light thanks to the garland of 40 led lights for €6.99. A very relaxing Sunday eve, to enjoy the day after creating your own reading corner.

Mr.Brown / Very Much Mug
Mr.Brown / Very Much Mug

After a weekend of disconnection and with recharged batteries, on the 12th and 13th the to prepare the classic invisible friend. And, if the opportunity has not arisen among your closest circle, start taking a look at the most original gifts to have a detail with the people you love the most. If you have doubts, Very much has created for you a list of several packs with which to succeed at Christmas. On the 14th, he recommends getting your pet ready, because she also wants to enjoy the most beautiful time of the year, with toys, leashes and even a most original feeder. After making your furry part of the magic of Christmas, choose the best aroma that transports you to cold daysto the snow, the fireplace and family time. Very much It has several candles, air fresheners and diffusers, among which the smell of orange, cinnamon and ginger stand out. A classic for the holidays. There is less left for the big day, so on the 16th you can dedicate it to buying gift paper and wrapping your choices.

The 17th is the time to bring the magic of Christmas to the kitchen, changing the aprons, tablecloths and napkins for the classic tartan check, a timeless design that never goes out of style. With the kitchen ready, the 18th is ideal for cooking. A family moment to demonstrate your culinary skills and feel like you are in a weekend movie. The best recipe? Ginger cookies. On the 19th and 20th he begins to experiment to create your 100% Christmas tableand if you don’t know how to do it, Very much He gives you the keys on his website.

Christmas decoration / Very much
Christmas decoration / Very much

The magic has already reached the whole house, so the 21st and 22nd are dedicated exclusively to decorating the corners that are still short of Christmas. Garlands, candles, lighting… endless details that will make this time the most special. After so much work, the day before Christmas Eve you deserve a rest and personal space. Very much recommends a good bath with oil pure cotton for €7.99 while the house is flooded with aromas thanks to its remote-controlled diffuser for €34.99. And finally the big day arrived. On December 24, enjoy your family, the most beautiful traditions and, above all, the magic of Christmas.


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