These are the jewels with which Queen Elizabeth II will be buried at her funeral in London.


This Monday is a funeral queen elizabeth iiwhose death remains one of the most discussed topics of the day.

The Queen’s burial process is relatively complex, as it involves various activities and activities in her honor before the final ceremony takes place.

when queen elizabeth ii buried, she will be in the George VI Memorial Chapel along with various items.

Although the exact arrangements have not yet been made public, one expert has expressed his opinion and stated that there will not be as much jewelry as usual.

What jewels will Queen Elizabeth II be buried with?

“Her Majesty was an incredibly modest woman at heart who was hardly wearing anything other than her simple Welsh gold lounge engagement ring and a pair of pearl earrings.” Lisa Levinsonhead of communications for the Natural Diamond Council, told the Metro newspaper.

Levinson He went on to state that Queen Elizabeth II probably left her wedding ring for Princess Anna take

“Young Prince Philip was directly involved in the design of Elizabeth’s engagement ring, which is set in platinum and consists of 11 natural diamonds, a three-carat round diamond and five smaller stones on each side,” the expert added.

“Her Majesty’s life has always been linked to the legacy of the royal family, in Great Britain and Commonwealth. Her jewels make up the bulk of this heritage.”

This claim was backed up by another royal expert who spoke to Metro.

“Many of the jewels she wore are part of the country’s history and will be passed on to the future monarch and queen consort for the rest of their lives,” he explained. Mock O’Keeffe Gay Aristo.

As for her coffin, it is expected to be draped with the Royal Standard, the flag that represents Great Britain.


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