These are no clear techniques to increase the volume of your lips

Although this is a personal issue, some women think that their Lips The thin ones are not attractive enough, I hope they have another proportion, a larger size.Well, there are many tricks for you to use Lips increase volume, Looks bigger.

Of course, we will only focus on the natural method, it does not require any type of aesthetic intervention, through it you will get the plump lips you have always wanted, and only spend a few minutes of free time for outings or activities before starting. .

Of course, for Sensitivity of this area skin, We suggest that when you notice the first abnormal situation, you consult professionals in the field, they will tell you which elements can be used to enlarge the lips and which products you should put on hold.

How to increase volume on your thin lips?


One of the classic techniques for big lips is two-tone lipstick. Of course, within the same color range, darker tones should be used around the lips, and lighter tones in the center, which will give people a feeling of spaciousness.

Say goodbye to dark tones

Similarly, we recommend that you give up dark shades alone, because although they are the trend today, you will make your small lips look smaller.

Active balm

In order to make your lips plump, menthol lipsticks on the market will have an effect on the lips, allowing more blood to circulate through them, widening due to mint or peppermint ingredients. Mint.


Contouring is a makeup fashion that constantly reshapes oneself. Although it is usually associated with the face, it can affect the lips. Apply a little dark powder under the lower lip to form a direct contrast with the lighter one. It will surpass the top. on the face.


Naturally, hydrated lips look bigger, while dry lips tend to look smaller. Therefore, you must make sure to keep them hydrated, drink plenty of water every day, or buy a specific brush to apply them.


The last tip is also good, because you can outline the contours of the lips with a fine-pointed pencil, and then add color to make them look fuller.

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