There is no “True Detective”, but there is “Tokyo Police”.

Based on the novel Jake Adelsteinplayed on screen by Ansel Elgort, tokyo vice says a young American journalist working for a major Tokyo newspaper. Under the supervision of a veteran city police detective, Jake begins to explore the dark world of the Yakuza, a dangerous Japanese mafia controlled by some of the most powerful criminals in the country.

As Juanma Gonzalez explains in the video, the reference to an American police officer in Japan is possibly black rainbut the result is closer to the intriguing thriller that HBO presented with Real detective.

One in which, at any rate, the hand of one of its directors, the creator Corruption in Miami Michael Mannthough “this is a series very different from the pilot chapter that Mann directs towards the rest, at least aesthetically.”

Despite this, the series looks “very good” and manages to imbue us with a Japanese vibe, portrayed at first as a strange culture in the eyes of an American, and also journalistic, portraying the job of collecting news about events in the city. that, like New York, he never sleeps either.

Either way, Ken Watanabe and Ansel Elgort’s good performances make up for the conventionality of what could have been a fast-paced movie, but in miniseries format adapts well to the precepts of this type of product. More in the video that we leave you above.


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