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‘There is a career crisis among the representatives’

uHell retreat! The candidates for June’s legislative elections will be exactly 6,293 on the starting line.This is a 20% drop from 2017, when 7,882 candidates dreamed ofNational Assembly. What are the short-term and long-term trends behind this number? View For historians specializing in politics, ” Temptation of the Savior.French Passion Story (Payot History, 2022).

View: The number of legislative candidates for 2022 is down sharply compared to 2017. How do you explain this?

John Garriggs: We have to put the observed decline in perspective, as there are ten candidates in each constituency.Having said that, to be sure, a mix of environmentalists, socialists, communists, and disobedient candidates under the banner of Nupes Despite dissent everywhere, the supply of left-wing candidates has shrunk dramatically. Another point of explanation is that, in recent years, we have been able to observe dissatisfaction with political life in the French, so it is less likely to be of interest.It also has a repelling effect on the off-hand function Given all the violence against elected officials. Many people are now afraid to exercise this function. Finally, there is a growing sense that Parliament is a recording studio.

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Over the past two decades, with the exception of 2017, the number of candidates has dropped significantly. Is there a career crisis?

Clearly, yes, there is a career crisis. The exercise of parliamentary functions has been greatly diminished. V’s agencye The republic emphasizes executive power, unlike the thirde and foure In a republic, most of the power rests with the National Assembly. This devaluation was reinforced by a constitutional amendment in 2000, under which legislative elections were held after presidential elections. The National Assembly gives the impression of playing a very minor role in public life. All of these factors add up to explain this nearly irreversible decline.

Evolution of the number of legislative candidates:
2022: 6,293
2017: 7,882
2012: 6,500
2007: 7,243
2002: 8,444

There was a recovery in 2017. All is not lost.

Yes, 2017 did mark a recovery, perhaps due to the movement Serving!, a new concept for a political curriculum with strongly feminized and civil society candidates. However, due to the separation of civic and political life, and the French distrust of their elected officials, this new breath has disappeared in 2022.

Conversely, isn’t too many apps a sign of poor quality?

Quality standards are difficult to set. We can think of it as control over files. We can also think of it as the ability to represent the minds of the majority of citizens…I think the increase in candidates is a sign of the vitality of a democracy.

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Would it be a good option to limit the renewal of the term of the deputy, which bounces from time to time in the public debate?

this is possible. The rebound in careers may stem from the idea of ​​a new curriculum that doesn’t hire candidates in 15 or 20 years like it used to, if of course people decide so.

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