The zasca de Calvo in Iglesias because of its new television channel

The former second vice-president of the government and deputy of the PSOE carmen bald He gave a funny zasca to the former second vice-president of the executive and head of Podemos Pablo Iglesias because of his new television channel. After listening to the podemite recreate itself in the promotion of its new media, the former vice-president of the government dropped: “Can I count that I bought winter pants?”.

It was in the last program hour 25 of the be in chain. The two ex-ministers take part in this space to conduct debates with another ex-minister, in this case Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallowho was responsible for foreign affairs in the executive of Mariano Rajoy. The presenter, Aimar Bretosgave way to Iglesias to do his “teleshopping moment” and thus be able to talk about Network channelyour new Internet TV channel.

“You will no longer be able to say that you are only a podcaster”, launched Bretos in a cheerful tone before giving the floor to the former leader of Podemite, to which Pablo Iglesias replied: “I will run a website television, network channel, we launched a crowdfunding and we have reached 60,000 euros in just three hours, crazy, we never imagined it would be like this. So I’m not going to tell people to enter my social networks to enter the crowdfunding because it is no longer necessary, because we will fill it in advance and we have to ask for more so that the chain grows well”.

Carmen Calvo, who listened in silence to the former leader of Podemos, chose to ridicule him at the end with an ironic question: “Can I say that I bought winter pants?” Despite this interruption, the one who was the leader of the purple formation was able to insert his “advertising corner”as the presenter of the show said.

“Compete with the right”

Pablo Iglesias announced his new Internet TV channel for, in his words, “compete with media law”. It will manage it thanks to alliances and private resources but also with citizen contributions. Iglesias is seeking private funding for this new channel, whereas a few years ago he accused the private media of “Attack on freedom of expression”.

Its first objective is to reach 100,000 euros in the next 40 days. Iglesias communicated this in a video posted on social networks, with the hashtag #RomperElBloque, where he explained that he aspires to build a “21st century” television with the collaboration of other colleagues who, like him, host podcasts or information formats on the Internet. .

Several leaders of Podemos have shown their support for this initiative by Iglesias, such as the current Secretary General, Ione Belarraor the spokesperson for Unidas Podemos in Congress, Pablo Echenique.

“If anyone can break the block of monolithic media power that exists in Spain, it is the one who end bipartisanship. But, again, it will take the will of thousands of people to get there,” Belarra said.