The Zara vest that María Pombo already has in her dressing room


It is very original and with different colors. We are talking about jacket by Zara which you already have Mary Pombo in her dressing room. I’m sure he loves it and it will make your life a lot more special.

Like all accessories, it fits perfectly with your suit in different colors, either with a top or trousers or a skirt.

How’s the Zara vest?

It is the short vest with embroidery. It has a round neck and sleeveless. And what stands out most is his embroidery detail contrasting combinations. It also has a matching inner lining. The pale pink color is one of the most flattering and even springy.

So you can combine it with white pants and tops, as suggested by Zara, by going through long dresses and also cuts in different colors, mainly black, because in this way, this garment will be seen much more.

Because what is interesting is how it is worked, with the color, the design and also the rest of the colors that it presents. This makes it even more to combine with other clothes to wear.

what is it made of

At Inditex, they work with monitoring programs to ensure compliance with product safety, health and quality standards.

The Zara vest that María Pombo will need in her dressing room

For this reason, such a vest is part of the Green to Wear 2.0 standard, which aims to minimize the environmental impact of textile production. The main fabric in this the vest is 100% cottonwhile the embroidery is 100% polyester, the lining is 100% cotton and the padding is 100% polyester.

Where can you get the vest of the moment

It is on Zara’s website that always comes with news like this garment that is most. The best part is that it tries to offer a look that is always different and changeable. Come on, it lifts the outfit you wear all the time.

The the price of the vest is 39.95 euros. the sizes that are left right now are M and L, so do not get lost because then the garment can be sold out before you know it. You already know that you can buy it directly in the online store because it is simpler and more convenient.

Now, if you do not see your size, it can be found in the physical store and you can try this garment and many others if you want to complement it with the vest that is already an absolute winner. And you already have it on Zara’s website!

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