The Zara suit that fits everything: perfect for a day or night look


The costumes of blazer and pants have become a “must” for the season. A style that all companies include in their new collections and that in the case of Zara It seems they have found him suit perfect to wear both day and night.

The Zara suit that fits everything: perfect for a day or night look

Zara She seems to have become quite an expert when it comes to costumes. His collection Fall Winter is a good proof of that, but if we had to choose a single color from the many who do not suggest something like choosing double-breasted jacket and trousers with wide legs which we can already buy in their stores and online.

A suit that stands out mainly for the double-breasted jacket who has a design «oversized»Which is a trend right now but also because it is plush so it is perfect for those first cold days, especially if we are going to use it to go to work first thing in the morning or also to go out at night. A jacket that also has crossed closure with buttons and marked axes so in a way it will style us a bit even if it has that “oversize” cut we mentioned.

As Zara suggests to us, the jacket in this suit is perfect to wear with a polo shirt and more if you choose it in a tone camel similar to the blazer. So you will create a total “look” perfect for going to work or you can also choose a shirt or top, if you are looking for a style for a dinner or to go out in the evening with friends. Also you can wear it as if it were a jacket dress and refrain from pants even if it also makes the suit more special if possible.

The pants Specifically, it is as we say, in a “wide leg” style, so that you follow the pattern of the jacket we should also have something baggy. A masculine cut trousers also in camel color that will complete our look, without a doubt one of the best you can wear this fall. Regarding shoes, Zara suggests ankle boots in leather with round toe, but it can also be very good with some sandals or high heels for an evening look.

The jacket costs 59.95 € (sizes XS-XL), Meanwhile he trousers cost € 29.95 (size XS-XL).

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