The worst habits that destroy your skin


We all long to have one skin perfect. Smoother, cleaner, younger, softer and with fewer wrinkles. You have to use your beauty routine and set it aside worst habits that destroy your skin. Getting perfect skin is every beauty lover’s challenge. We reveal what you have done wrong so far and some products to keep your skin radiant.

Because they are habits that we can avoid and sometimes we are not aware of it. Note well!

What are the worst habits that destroy your skin?

Exfoliate the skin more than recommended

According to the company Dai Imperial Cosmetics, it is true that when we exfoliate our skin it breathes better and thereby stimulates cellular oxygenation and absorbs nutrients and active principles for the products we apply.

But we can not go overboard with the time we do it, it is enough to do it more than once or twice a week. Otherwise, it may cause dryness and inflammation and ruin healthy cells and promotes skin hyperpigmentation.

Abuse of acne products

Sometimes we do it wrong because we apply them in places where it is not necessary. That is, these acne products should only be used on the affected areas.

If we do not do it correctly, they can dry out the skin and cause an overproduction of oil, which far from solving the problem will make it worse.

Do not go overboard with the eye contour

Along these lines, Dai Imperial Cosmetics quotes that a good contour helps us prevent and eliminate bags and wrinkles. However, it is not advisable to use the product in excess, many of these creams contain oils that are not easy for the skin to absorb.

Sleep without removing makeup or doing it with cleaning cloths

Makeup clogs the pores, increases the risk of acne or makes it worse and causes signs of premature aging.

If you also only use makeup removal cloths, you should know that they do not remove everything active ingredients in the product. So what you should do is a total facial cleansing.

Social poisons

From this company, they also remind us that it is better to escape from bad habits like tobacco or alcohol. Thus, in addition to producing lung disease and the risk of cancer, tobacco also destroys collagen, which accelerates aging.

And alcohol, among other things, dries out and gives slackness.

Do not use sunscreen all year round

Although we believe that only in the summer we should apply sunscreen, it turns out that this is not the case, because in the winter UVA and UVB rays continue to affect our skin.

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