The worrying images of Shakira after Piqué’s last public appearance with Clara Chía Martí Código Lista


Shakira and Gerard Piqué starred in one of the most mediatic separations of show business at the end of their relationship of more than 12 years due to the alleged infidelity of the now former footballer.

Piqué, according to information from the Spanish media, would have deceived Shakira with Clara Chía Martí, a 23-year-old girl who is currently his new sentimental partner.

The separation between both celebrities triggered in several meetings to try to reach an agreement on the custody of their children Milan and Sasha, since the Colombian singer had expressed her desire to move to Miami with them.

After months of negotiations, Shakira and Piqué finally reached a separation agreement after the former FC Barcelona footballer accepted that their two children begin a new life in the United States with the interpreter of Monotony.

However, it seems that not everything is happiness in Shakira’s life after this agreement, because The Colombian singer was seen crying while talking on the phone in the streets of Barcelona.

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The images of this worrying moment were revealed by Save me after what a witness contacted the program to talk about Shakira’s current situation.

“I was with two friends and it was bad. He was wearing a tracksuit, the truth is that he was… he had a bad face and, since he arrived, he spoke English on the phone. Of the hour and a half that he will have been, well, an hour talking on the phone, “commented the witness at the scene.

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“As soon as she hung up, she started crying. We didn’t want to get closer because she was arguing with her friends. My mom is a super fan, I’m like, ‘Wow, approaching her to ask for a photo is impossible.’ I tell you, we have seen the whole world that it was her and nobody has come close, ”she finished.

According to journalist Laura Fa, Shakira’s reaction would have occurred because, hours before being seen crying in public, Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía Martí appeared again in public as a couple.

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“The day before, Gerard Piqué’s new project had been presented and it was the first time he had gone with Clara Chía, as a couple and with the naturalness of taking him by his side and being with her. Despite the fact that everything is clear to them, heartbreak is lived as it is lived, ”he commented.


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