The Windsor coup at the next premiere of the Sussexes


The emission by the platform Netflix of the first three chapters of the documentary series on the Dukes of Sussex It has generated a multitude of reactions around the world. More than two years after confirming their departure from the structure of ‘The Firm’ and three months after the death of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle finally tell ‘their story’. A story that, as expected, is narrated from his personal perspective and that has not been refuted by the Royal Family. In fact, at the beginning of the broadcast it is noted that attempts have been made to contact different members of the windsor clan, but that they have declined to comment. Something that could not be so in reality.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex in New York. /Gtres

However, what is certain is that for the moment the Royal Family has not issued any kind of statement about the series of the Dukes of Sussex. The reasons for the silence on the part of the new King’s court are not known, but the reality is that there are still three other chapters that will see the light of day in just a few days and that, in addition, it is expected that in the month of January the Prince Harry’s controversial memoirs, which could generate even more controversy and deal a blow to his father, whose reign has begun fraught with problems.

The Real home He has chosen to remain calm and continue with his activity. An answer that, on the one hand, is the most coherent and logical, since it avoids controversies and comments that could give even more hype to the Sussexes’ attacks. In fact, this same Thursday, King Carlos avoided making statements in an act in King’s House, when asked about the broadcast of the series. Instead, she kept smiling like it was nothing. An attitude that, by the way, is in line with part of what Enrique commented in one of the episodes, in which he assured that, despite the tragedy caused by the death of his mother, he had to maintain his composure and Avoid emotional reactions.

The Princes of Wales, Kate and William, in Boston.
The Princes of Wales, Kate and William, in Boston. /Gtres

What seems to be clear is that the movements of Harry and Meghan they will not affect the royal family routine. To date, the King has limited himself to making a single reference to his youngest son, in his first speech, when he said that the Dukes of Sussex and their children were much loved members of their family and they were going to continue their lives in the United States. Carlos has not ruled on the subject again and has not addressed the issue that his grandchildren by the Sussexes can receive the title of princes that, now, as king’s grandsons, does correspond to them without having to modify the legislation. It is also not known if they will be at the Coronation which, by the way, coincides with Archie Harrison’s birthday.

The second part of the series is expected to be broadcast on December 15 and it is likely that the revelations of the Sussexes in the remaining chapters will be even more controversial -in these first they have not been particularly striking-. However, despite everything, the Windsors are not willing for this to alter the operation of ‘The Firm’. In fact, coinciding with the premiere, the king charlesQueen Camilla, the Prince of Wales and other members of the Royal Family will join the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton in a new Christmas special at the westminster abbey in the style of the one that was already organized last year. A perfect opportunity to show an image of a united family and a common front in the face of the controversies that come from the other side of the Atlantic and that threaten the stability of the recently launched reign of Carlos III.


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