The Wild Wild West still belongs to the Chiefs, and the brave Chargers remain their assistants.


TI have Kansas City Chiefs unwilling to give up their dominance in the AFC West, and this was demonstrated at the start of the NFL’s second week when they won Los Angeles Chargers 27-24, who failed to close out the game they dominated most of the time on Thursday night.

Chargers defense under pressure Patrick Mahomes throughout the game, which put him very close to committing interceptions that ended up not materializing, and the error Justin Herbert proved to be the key to getting Kansas City to come from behind.

Justin Herbert’s mistake, the key to the game

The game was tied 17-17 and the Chargers were one yard away from taking a seven-point lead with 10:43 minutes left in the fourth period, when Herbert made the very unusual mistake of throwing a completely hasty pass that was intercepted. , from newbie Jaylen Watsonwhich returned him 99 yards into the end zone, turning Arrowhead Stadium into a lunatic asylum.

Herbert’s blunder wasn’t necessarily what hurt him the most in the game, as a couple of offensive streaks later he got hit hard in the ribs by LB. Mike Dannawhich forced him out of the game for one game, however, upon returning, he was seriously injured.

Not the best performance by Patrick Mahomes

As for Mahomes, despite not having the best record we’re used to (24 of 35 completed passes for 235 yards with 2 touchdowns and no interceptions), he showed his great talent, especially with spectacular passing. armpit nine yards on Jeric McKinnon in the second quarter when Kansas City entered the game when they completely dominated.

What’s next for the Chiefs and Chargers?

With this result, the Chiefs (2:0) became the sole owner of the first place in AFC West and will fight with visitors Indianapolis Colts in week 3 on Sunday, September 25, while the Chargers (1-1) will retaliate on the same day they take jacksonville jaguars.


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