The white shirt from Lefties that takes you back to your childhood


At a really attractive price and with a fun drawing, it T-shirt white by Lefties takes you back to your childhood in a moment.

You will want it to be worn in a variety of situations because it is original and also fits well with everything you already have in your wardrobe.

How is the white shirt from the left

In this case, we’re talking about the Mickey Mouse © Disney printed shirt. The best thing is that it is very comfortable as it is loose-fitting with long sleeves and color print Musse Pigg © Disney on the front of the garment.

what do you combine it with

The happiness of being white and with this drawing is that you wear it with everything you want. Now in the spring, it is perfect to wear it with shorts in different colors. Also with Cowboys long when we want to go in a slightly less elegant way and with sneakers.

It is possible at work and also to go out because then you choose it with short or midi skirts, and also with pleated pants with or without jackets. In any case, it is a very fun blouse where you will bring out that more childish side that always goes well wherever we go.

where we buy it

This magic sweater is available on Leftie’s website. and that’s it at a really affordable price of 17.99 euros, that is, you can now buy it according to your size and directly online.

The white shirt from Lefties that takes you back to your childhood

The sizes now available are S, M, L and XL. So choose yours and buy now on this site that offers quality, safety and confidence when you buy a variety of garments.

Other youth clothing

If this style suits you, you can now fill your wardrobe with color and your favorite drawings thanks to Lefties. That’s how he is SpongeBob pajamas for 12.99 euros; Rugged pajamas, for 12.99 euros, colored t-shirts and some others that hide Disney’s magic to praise the girl in all of us.

This blouse can also be supplemented with other accessories available on this website. That is the case package Kelme socks in two colors and for 6.99 euros, the shorts in different colors, the arched earrings, the most elegant sports shoes or with more soles (as it is worn now) in addition to the jeans in different colors that you can also always enjoy thanks to this website.

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