The Wednesday dress that has triumphed in Zara and you should not wear on New Year’s Eve


The series ‘Wednesday has become a success on Netflix since its premiere. This has made Wednesday Addams a trend, and with it, the gothic-adolescent style that characterizes him. Black dresses with a bib collar are one of her star garments, and in the new Zara collection we have found a dress like this that is ideal for going out on New Year’s Eve.

Zara’s bib neck dress

If you plan to go out on New Year’s Eve to welcome 2023 as it deserves, you need a look to match. Sequin and velvet dresses are already too popular, so you can bet on a different garment, such as this Zara dress in the purest style of Wednesday Addams.

Made of 43 polyester, 42% acrylic, 8% wool and 7% viscose, is a black dress with a bib collar with a detail of ruffled finishes and a contrasting combined lace. Taking into account that it is the middle of winter, surely one of the things that worries you the most when going out on New Year’s Eve is not being cold.

Well, with this dress there is no problem because It has long sleeves and a turtleneck.. Combine it with thermal tights and high-heeled or platform boots, and you’ll be perfect! Of course, in addition to celebrating New Year’s Eve, it is ideal for day to day, and you have a multitude of options when it comes to showing it off in all its splendor.

To go to the office, it is a dress with which you will look ideal because It is comfortable and elegant in equal measure.. To combine it with style, high-heeled boots are the best choice. Choose a wide heel and not too high to enjoy maximum comfort throughout the day.

If you have met your friends for a walk or to go out to eat, you can wear the dress with a bib collar with a detail finished with ruffles with chelsea boots with track soles. A very hot look with which you will look very favored.

Considering the great success of the series ‘Wednesday’ on Netflix, surely the dress will not take long to sell out. It is available in the online store, and also in physical stores, of Zara by €29.95from size S to L. Shipping costs are 3.95 euros within 2-3 business days.


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