The Way Down, a typical bank robbery movie during the FIFA World Cup.


Nobody was able to rob the Bank of Spain. An absolutely unapproachable financial institution, plans or data about which are missing more than a hundred years ago to build its vault. But this real mystery doesn’t scare Tom Johnson (Freddie Highmore), a brilliant young engineer hired to learn how to unlock the secret of access to his interior. The target will be a small treasure kept in the bank for just ten days. In ten days, Tom and his team will have to uncover the secret of the box, draw up a plan and prepare the assault. Escape from the coup will coincide with the highly anticipated final of the FIFA World Cup in South Africa, which will face Spain and the Netherlands and gather hundreds of thousands of fans at the doors of the Bank of Spain itself. Will they be able to achieve fame or will they go to jail?

This thriller is directed by Jaume Balaguero, the author of the successful saga. [REC]…

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