The Warriors’ ring was too high, sparking talk of “old tricks” by the Boston Celtics.


TI have Golden State Warriors had to stop the warm-up before Game 3 of the NBA Finals against Boston Celtics when they realized one of the hoops in TD’s garden was too high.

A 10-foot wooden pole was used for adjustment, but the delay was not ideal for Warriors.

This “accident” is reminiscent of some old tricks Boston Celtics allegedly used in the old Boston Garden to turn enemy visits into nightmares.

Myths, Legends, and Ghosts of the Celtics at Boston Garden

From 1945 to 1995 Celtics won 15 NBA titles in Boston Garden, the arena of myths and legends… and ghosts.

Its floor, made from 247 planks of semi-rotten wood from a Tennessee forest originally destined for World War II, was considered one of the worst in the NBA.

They never thought of changing it to disadvantage the guests and benefit their players who knew all the blind spots when it came to shooting.

Auerbach network said the parquet was so bad that the opponents looked bad.

It was also said that Bob Kuzi he knew the imperfections of the court so well that he directed the point guard where the ball was not rebounding to steal the ball from him.

Auerbach networkglorious Celtics They also did not disdain to open the windows of the guest locker room in winter, turn on the heating in summer and, of course, turn off hot water.

In the fifth game of the 1984 final, the temperature inside the arena reached 36 degrees. Lakers players will need oxygen tanks at the end of the game.


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