The waiting time for surgery in the Balearic Islands is twice that of the Community of Madrid


The government presided over by the socialist Francina Armengol celebrates the demonstration in Madrid and insists on the “catastrophic situation” of health in the community he presides Isabelle Diaz Ayuso while in the Balearic Islands most indicators are worse. The waiting time for surgery in the Balearic Islands is 134 days, almost twice as long as in Madrid, where the waiting time is now 71 days. The Balearic Islands, moreover, are the community with the highest number of health cards per doctor, around 1,800. Another fact: in the Balearic Islands there are fewer doctors per thousand inhabitants than in Madrid.

These data were used today by the PP’s spokesperson in Parliament, Tony Costa, who asked the PSOE “not to give lessons on health” when, he assured, the situation in the Balearic Islands “is worse than that of the Community of Madrid”. According to Toni Costa during a press conference, “You have to have a face of reinforced concrete to attack the health of the Community of Madrid and not see that public health in the Balearic Islands is worse, also with objective data from the ministry”.

“Everyone saw how there were primary care centers without doctors this summer in the Balearic Islands, without anyone to take care of the citizens,” said Costa, who criticized this “despite this, and the investment of 50 million euros from the Ministry of Health in the Private mental health of the Islands, the biggest privatization of this Community, the Socialists want to give lessons”.

For his part, the Vice-President of the Government and Minister for Energy Transition, Juan Pedro Yllanes, This Monday he defended the public health of the Balearic Islands and considered that “the serious problem is in Madrid”. “If there has been a demonstration of doctors and people demanding quality public health, it is in Madrid”insisted Yllanes during the press conference after the Consell de Govern, according to Europa Press.

At this point, he said the Balearic Islands are ‘able to say he is in better health than in Madrid’.

The reality is that the Balearic Islands are the fifth community with the waiting lists the highest health rates in Spain and that since the socialist government Francina Armengol this has been one of his Achilles heels. In the islands, the waiting list for medical consultation and surgery has increased by an average of 20% since Armengol has been in power.

Despite this, the PSOE asked the PP on Monday to position itself “clearly” with public health, after this Sunday’s demonstration in Madrid. The Socialist spokesperson in Parliament, Costa pillar, He stressed that “this is what the citizens are asking for” and demanded that the popular “think about the public health they want”.

Costa lamented that the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, “is dedicated to the weakness of public services”. For the socialist spokesman, the management of public health by the Madrid leader “is an example of management” also for part of the PP of the Islands. “It’s a very subtle way of dismantling public services to end up doing business on the other side of the fence”, said.


The Deputy Parliamentary Spokesperson of Ciudadanos (Cs), Juanma Gomez, He asked “not to instrumentalize complaints about the dismantling of primary care, which is also taking place in the Balearic Islands”.

According to Gómez during a press conference, “Citizens respect the right to demonstrate, how could it be otherwise, but the debate should not focus on comparing the health situation of the Community of Madrid with the islands Balearics, an Autonomous Community with such a high delay and with an index of health cards per professional of around 1,800 in Mallorca and up to 2,100 in the largest of the Pitiusas”.

“We must not fall into the comparison of disparate realities”, he stressed, recalling that “in the Balearic Islands, health workers have also come forward since the beginning of the legislature, due to a lack resources in primary care, due to a lack of recruitment and retention policies, so she emphasized a measure that Cs has been calling for for years, such as updating the insularity factor.

In this line, the deputy parliamentary spokesman of Cs asked “not to underestimate the demands of Balearic health professionals at the gates of health centers and hospitals, not only because of the situation of vulnerability during the pandemic, but because of their pay situation, the hours they had to work, even voluntary overwork, although sometimes also imposed with shifts and lack of vacation, by certain managements”. “It’s really worrying,” he said.

Thus, he considered “cynical” that some government ministers refer to the health situation in the Community of Madrid, while in the Balearic Islands he has the circumstances previously described. “And this is something that the Cs group has been transferring since the start of the legislature, both to the health committee and to the social affairs committee.”

“Waiting lists do not come from now, but since the beginning, even before the Covid-19 pandemic, and there has not been a strong strategic plan to reduce them, the professionals have not been listened to In addition, Cs demands from the beginning that the right taken from them be returned to citizens with the suspension of the decree of delay guarantees for patients,” Gómez also said.


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