The viral video of Ortega Cano dancing on stage


Ortega Cano has begun a new stage in his life after confirming the divorce agreement with Ana María Aldón. The right-hander and the television collaborator have been leading their lives separately for some time now, although it was not until just a few weeks ago when they confirmed their breakup. A break up that it was an open secretbut that they did not finish confirming.

Ortega Cano in Madrid / Gtres

While the designer moves like a fish in water with her role as a commentator and attention to detail in her move to her new home (located about twenty kilometers from the bullfighter’s house), the widower of Rocío Jurado has taken refuge in her group of friends to make various plans in Madrid.

Gloria Camila’s father has taken advantage of the weekend to enjoy an evening with a group of friends, among whom was Isabel Luna, with whom he was seen a few weeks ago. Some images in which the bullfighter was seen dancing while Isabel Luna sang and which gave rise to all kinds of comments.

Ortega Cano dancing on stage / Gtres
Ortega Cano dancing on stage / Gtres

In the videos, which has been shared by the gtres agency, you can see how the bullfighter enjoys on stage to the rhythm of the singer’s songs. Although at first he is sitting in his assigned seat, in a fit of naturalness he starts dancing with the most emotion.

Ortega Cano dancing during a leisure outing / Gtres
Ortega Cano dancing during a leisure outing / Gtres

A picture that makes you look back, specifically more than 25 years ago, when the wedding between Rocío Carrasco and Antonio David Flores took place. Family enclave in which Ortega Cano said the now mythical phrase: “And we are so happy”. Once again, the bullfighter has left himself in the funniest facet of him despite the key moment in his life that he is living, since nothing presaged that the love story between him and Ana María Aldón was going to come to an end. .

Ana María Aldón and Ortega Cano walking / Gtres
Ana María Aldón and Ortega Cano walking / Gtres

Chronicle of a break announced

It was after the broadcast of the first installment of the documentary by Rocío Carrasco, Rocío: tell the truth to stay alive, when some disagreements between Ortega Cano and Ana María Aldón began to come to light. At that time, the former Survivors contestant asked for her “place” in the life of the right-hander. Disappointed with Ortega’s words towards Rocío Jurado, she began a downhill decline without brakes that has ended in her controversial separation.

For now, it is unknown if the protagonists of this story have remade their lives with other people, since both are very invested in their family, in order to overcome this separation as soon as possible, which has given so many headaches to both parties.


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