The victims of El Clásico


10/26/2021 –

Barcelona trying to get away from losing the season first El Clasico vs Real Madrid, with eyes Vallecano Ray this middle of the week.

But the loss will hang over them for a while, like any defeat. real Madrid makes for the Catalans. The game itself was even bigger than many expected, leading to more disappointment in the end.

However, some players have lost more than others.

Memphis Depay

The striker is the starting point for Barcelona in attack, and their top scorer with four of his name. But in El Clásico he was quiet, this was his first game against real Madrid and he didn’t give Thibaut Courtois do something. Moreover, Real Madrid’s first goal was scored after they lost the ball.

Luc de Jong

He was a man Ronald Koeman approached him looking for a goal, but he was poor and looked nervous, lost and desperate. It couldn’t help but the fact that his own fans whistled at him when he was in possession of the ball.

Philip Coutinho

Going out for a break, he offered nothing at all. Its hottest time in Barcelona continues.

Jordi Alba

The full-back came to El Clásico after a successful performance in the Champions League, but at Camp Nou he was again out of sorts. He was not his usual tireless left, possibly due to the discomfort he was experiencing in his leg.

Frankie de Jong

The Dutch midfielder has not been himself at all this season, and is now far from the level of last season. He’s a key character for Koeman, but he doesn’t look comfortable on this team.

Oscar Mingeza

The young defender had a terrible first half and was overtaken. Vinicius the Younger… I lacked confidence, speed and strength. He looked out of place and could not cope one on one with the Brazilian.

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