The usual manners of the Japanese World Cup team, locker room photos after an unexpected victory


The Japanese supporters at the stadium also continue their caring tradition.

Japan is a soccer-loving nation, so sports enthusiasts across the country were excited World Cup 2022 opened. Slightly less exhilarating, however, was that the Japanese team’s first match would be against the perennial powerhouse Germany.

Any fears that Germany would crush Japan turned out to be misplaced, however, because Japan completed a stunning comeback with a 2–1 win. It’s Yamcha-defeat-Vegeta level nervousness, and with all the energy and adrenaline the Japanese athletes felt after the win, you’d expect them to let loose and go wild at the event.

Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t. But before any team celebration that may or may not have happened, the Japanese team made sure that the locker room was immaculately clean.

“Immaculate,” says the official FIFA Twitter account, and they’re not kidding. Not a single piece of garbage or even a drop of sweat remained. The used towels were neatly folded and stacked, as were the remaining bottles of water that were provided to the team. On the table, what appear to be the remains of meals and snacks are arranged in neat rows.

Over there are a few pieces of paper left by the Japanese team, but not torn packaging or crumpled notes. Instead…

… are on the table 11 origami cranes, the appropriate number for the soccer team, and the message “Thank you!” in both Japanese and Arabic.

Meanwhile, the fans who attended the match continued the tradition of Japanese fans at international sporting events to clean their part of the stadium before returning home.

While beating Germany on the soccer field is not something Japan does very often, good manners are constant.

Source: NHK News Network
Top image: Pakutaso
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