The uselessness of the USSR police in tracking down the killer of women


films about serial killers there are many of them, told in different ways and with more or less success. Performancewhat filmin opens this weekend, it’s a solid thriller based on real facts what happened more than ten years in the former Soviet Union.


debutante Quatania side sign this thriller with unpredictable turns and it caused a sensation at the last festival in Sitges, where it was awarded a special mention for the best first feature film.

Performance begins with a party at the house of Issa Valentinovich, a police inspector who has just been promoted after locking serial killer of women. He kidnaps them, renders them unconscious, stuffs dirt into their mouths, and then obsessively stabs them in the back. However, the party is interrupted by a call, a woman has just escaped an assassin with the same course of action. So you locked up an innocent?


This fact will force Issa to reopen the case until the authorities Soviet Union click to close, albeit a false one, it is also about returning peace and tranquility to the communist paradise. The director told how he was inspired in many ways by the story Andrey Chikatilo.


Through time jumps, between 1981 and 1991, in the former Soviet Union, we will see how the forces The Russian police are trying to stop a real serial killer. As the chase intensifies, the investigation becomes more personal between detective and suspect.

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