The unjust enrichment paid by the Generalitat since 2016 represents 4 times its tax reform


The Generalitat Valenciana presided over by the socialist Ximo Puig has accumulated since 2016, a total of approximately 684.35 million euros in installments of unjust enrichment in the Ministry of Equality and Inclusive Policiesled until June this year by the now former first vice-president Monique Oltra and which is currently under the responsibility of his successor More, according to the data proposed by the PP of the Valencian Community. An equivalent amount greater than 4 times the amount of the last tax reform of the Valencian governmentwhich amounts to 150 million euros.

Case law, as published in its time by OKDIARIO, defines the unjust enrichment as a “transfer of assets which does not appear to be legally justified or which does not find a reasonable explanation in the current system”.

In total, since 2016, it is an amount of approximately 550 files for an amount of 684.35 million euros. Of which approximately 55 files correspond to the current annual payment of 2022 for an approximate amount of 58.8 million euros. The year with the greatest volume of these files of unjust enrichment in Equality was 2018, when it reached an amount of around 118. However, It is the last year (2021) to which corresponds the highest amount, around 144.9 million euros, according to the data to which OKDIARIO has had access.

In 2017, according to what was published by OKDIARIO in July of the same year, the then Minister of Equality, Mónica Oltra, had already had to go several times to the plenary of the Valencian government to process the payment debt contracted as “compensation for an injustice”. enrichment” and normalize an illegal situation. And then the polypropylene maintained that there wasa very serious decrease in the interests of the Valencians“.

Despite the fact that this situation refers in most cases to the time of Mónica Oltra as head of the aforementioned ministry, some of them have already occurred with More at the head of the department, which he took over after the resignation of said Oltra, who left the office on June 21.

The Deputy Spokesperson of the Popular Group in the Valencian Parliament and Deputy Secretary for Social Policies of the Valencian PP Elena Bastidasthe same person who submitted to the Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament the request for an investigation into the centers of minors and the so-called other case in this territory, attributed these results to the “mismanagement” of the Valencian government “which is taking place in social matters”. Bastidas also accused Ximo Puig of “compromising the functioning of social services in the Valencian Community”.


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