The United States warns: China may establish a military base in Equatorial Guinea, this is the first in the Atlantic


The U.S. government believes that China is planning to build its first military base in the Atlantic, especially in Equatorial Guinea. This has been conveyed by Joe Biden’s government to Central African countries, and his Worry Regarding “potential measures” and activities suggesting that Beijing may be building military bases.

Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby declined to confirm A newspaper article The Wall Street Journal, Indicate the existence of a confidential report intelligence Implying that China is trying to establish a military base in Equatorial Guinea, if it does, it will lead to China’s first permanent military presence in the Atlantic Ocean, A place where their ships can dock and refuel.

There are national security issues We have seen China try to establish a position, I am not saying that they are military, trying to gain influence in other parts of the world,” Kirby said.

The spokesperson guarantees, China has “coerced” behavior In his view, he is trying to intimidate and influence many African countries through economic measures in order to achieve his national security goals.

Wall Street Journal Explained in his article that the deputy chief national security adviser of the United States, Jon Feiner Visited Equatorial Guinea in October to persuade the President of Equatorial Guinea, Teodoro Obiang And his son, Vice President Teodoro “Teodorin” Obiang, rejected China’s exercises.

When he appeared in the Senate in April, the general Stephen Townsend, The head of the U.S. Africa Command (Africom) warned that threat If China succeeds, then it will be more important to America’s interests in that part of the world. “Useful naval installations on the Atlantic coast of Africa.”

“Useful in the military. I mean it’s not just a place where I can refuel and get food, I’m talking about a port They can rearm ammunition and repair ships there”Townsend explained.


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