The unexpected turn of Georgina Rodríguez’s career


Georgina Rodriguez It never ceases to surprise.Just a few hours ago, the couple Cristiano Ronaldo He shared a compelling photo via the social network Instagram Story, which surprised his 27 million followers.Reggae singer appeared in this photo BalvinAlthough this is not all, because the model wrote one of the most mysterious phrases, she hinted that they will cooperate. “Family. Big Project”, The dancer commented. It’s not surprising that the singer and Rodriguez have something on their hands, besides, it has something to do with musicals.

Georgina Rodriguez had a video call with J. Balvin. /Instagram @georginagio

In the past season Mask singer, Antena 3 format was proposed by Arturo Valls, and Georgina was surprised to be one of the participants. In fact, this is the first time it has become part of the TV format.Businesswoman was eliminated after singing If it depends on me, Belongs to the subject of the beret. «I am very honored to come to my country with you. I also like Iberian ham. I am surprised that you are confused by the many clues I have been giving you. I want to wish my colleagues good luck and tell them to put more snacks and want more people. I have always had a lot of questions and want to know who the other masks are,” he said as he said goodbye.

Cristiano Ronaldo has a video call with J. Balvin.  /Instagram @cristiano
Cristiano Ronaldo has a video call with J. Balvin. /Instagram @cristiano

A few months later, Georgina RodriguezA lady who has a close relationship with the Nuevo Futuro Foundation went to Marbella to participate in the Star Festival and received prizes from her Authors: Antonio Banderas and Sandra Garcia-San Juan. «It’s a great honor to be here, especially to win the Unity Award.We can create a better world together,” the model said after receiving the award at the awards ceremony. A moment later, we met with the guest artist Beret and they performed together. beat In the show, Javier Calvo, Javier Ambrosi, Paz Vega and Jose Mota are “investigators”-the jury responsible for unveiling the participants Mask singer-.

Georgina Rodríguez in
Georgina Rodríguez in “Mask Singer”. / Instagram @maskingera3

In this way, everything shows that the mysterious image he posted on social networks may be related to a music-related project, because Georgina Rodriguez has repeatedly stated that there are no obstacles to overcoming new challenges. In addition, Cristiano Ronaldo also shared a photo of a reggae player. “Family,” the Manchester United striker wrote. At the moment, everything is unknown, but the protagonist of this story may reveal its content and what they are doing. Sing a song together? Will Georgina become the new star of J. Balvi’s video editing?

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