The unexpected mistake with which Marc Bartra confirms his romance with Jessica Goicoechea


There are many months in which the rumor has been going around that Marc Batra and Jessica Goicoechea could have started a love relationship. However, neither the footballer nor the model have confirmed this rapprochement at any time, assuring in their different public appearances that they are still single and without any intention of getting excited. Something that could have changed in recent weeks, where several indications have come to light that show that perhaps both could have taken a step further in their friendship.

Marc Bartra and Melissa / Gtres

Although all eyes fell on them when the possibility that the athlete had attended the birthday of the influencers, now it has been he who has cleared all existing doubts temporarily and for what seems to be a slip. During the past afternoon of Saturday, November 26, the tiktoker Abel Planelles was in charge of realizing a fact that until now had gone unnoticed by all the followers of the new couple. And it is that, Bartra went up to his stories from Instagram a video in which he appears together with Goicoechea in a most affectionate attitude while they dance in a nightclub and have no qualms about kissing in public. A small oversight that the footballer erased in a matter of moments, although the aforementioned young man had already had time to take some screenshots, thus confirming the version previously also given by Jordi Martín, assuring that “they had been caught in an affectionate attitude in the Rauw Alejandro concert in Barcelona”, although yes, without leaving the venue together so as not to arouse suspicion.

Marc Bartra and Jessica Goicoechea together / TikTok Abel Panelles
Marc Bartra and Jessica Goicoechea together / TikTok Abel Planelles

In this way, the Trabzonspor player from Turkey definitively shelves his love story with the journalist Melissa Jiménez after having spent 8 years together. It was during the month of January when their breakup was confirmed despite being one of the most consolidated tandems on the national scene, putting an end to a romance from which three children were born: Gala, Abril and Max. Apparently, neither the communicator nor the athlete could cope with the marital crises that had been dragging on for some time, which is why they believed that it was best to go their separate ways and carry out a friendly break for the good of their three little ones.

Marc Bartra and Jessica Goicoechea together / TikTok Abel Planelles
Marc Bartra and Jessica Goicoechea together / TikTok Abel Planelles

On the other hand, it should be noted that Jessica Goicoechea also recently broke off her relationship with Arón Piper, with whom she spent two years of her life. The model is usually quite careful when it comes to love, although given her popularity, it is impossible for any of her fans not to notice if her heart is busy or not, and that is what has happened now, although For now, we will have to wait to find out if there is confirmation from either of the two protagonists, or if they prefer to keep this connection private.


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