The Try Guys Detail Ned Fulmer’s Fire on New Podcast Episode: ‘We’ve Gone Through Every Stage of Grief’

The Try Guys Detail Ned Fulmer's Fire on New Podcast Episode: 'We've Gone Through Every Stage of Grief'

In the new episode of the series try guys‘ podcast “TryPod” Keith Habersberger and Zach Kornfeld spoke at length about its removal. Ned FulmerHe admitted on September 27 that he had entered into a “consensual” workplace relationship and was the subject of an internal investigation.

In the episode titled “Okay, let’s talk about this,” Habersberger and Kornfeld joined producer Miles Bonsignore to discuss the moments immediately after they discovered Fulmer’s actions.

“We treated it almost like a trauma,” Kornfeld said. “It really shook our word, but the consequences were also very clear. I don’t think I’ve really stopped processing emotionally. Still, I don’t know if I have it. Because we just said, ‘Okay, we have to act. We should go. This has happened, how do we react accordingly?’ I understood the seriousness of the charges against Ned, but I also understood the list of steps to take.”

Habersberger added: “We’ve learned a lot about how difficult it is to navigate things like this properly. Really hard. There are many people to think about. There are many legal issues to consider.”

“And knowing that we would be putting ourselves at risk if we made any wrong step,” Kornfeld interrupted. “We didn’t want to leave ourselves open to lawsuits if we were unfairly dismissing him, or whatever you have. We just needed to make sure we were doing things right. Not saying the wrong thing. Not doing something too soon. Making sure we actually did this internal review before taking permanent action.” There is a right way and a rushed way, and we wanted to make sure we did it the right way.”

Habersberger said he listened to Olivia Rodrigo in the car to process his emotions, while Kornfeld emphasized the physical burden the experience brought on him. “My BMs were wild,” he laughed. “Stress poop is out of control.”

Kornfeld said he was officially removed from the company when news of Fulmer’s infidelity went viral. “The fact that it was a publicly legalized violation added some complexity to where we knew this stick of dynamite with an obscure wick was. We knew it could and would arise at any time.”

This explosion threat was not only for the internet but also for the 2 employees.nd Try it, LLC. Kornfeld explained the difficulty of navigating the “bureaucratic tape” when he first told staff that Ned was filmed and would be removed from the videos. “They put together the pieces of what happened. They are very smart,” he said. “But from a legal perspective, we weren’t allowed to explicitly say ‘XYZ happened’ to them.”

Bonsignore asked the Try Guys if their response would have been different had the internet not learned of Ned’s actions. “No,” Habersberger replied firmly. “It betrayed our trust. It was a workplace breach. It means that for all the people in our office who know what they know, we were not loyal to everything we said we were and to our values. Very simply, it would have been removed. It wouldn’t have been a public demonstration. Probably for the sake of other people involved. We would try to avoid it.”

Kornfeld and Habersberger also addressed the absence of a third Try Guy. Eugene Lee Yang from the podcast section. “To be completely frank and honest, Eugene doesn’t like to do podcasts,” Kornfeld said. “She likes to do it occasionally, but either this week or next week we’re going to rebrand the show… It’s Zach and Keith, baby!”

Kornfeld also confirmed that a fourth Try Guy will not be added to the mix. “There will be new people coming and going… I don’t want to pressure anyone into saying, ‘This is the new Try Guy and he’s going to take his place. It’s not fair to them.”

Habersberger said there was an unexpected positive outcome from the scandal and expressed surprise that so many prominent organizations published the story. “It showed that we have a really big impact on a lot of people.”

“The silver lining in this was recognizing the impact that our content, and even the BuzzFeed generation of which we are a part, has had on so many people, and it touched a part of their lives,” Kornfeld added. “I wish we had found a different path… but it was like, ‘Wow, this is so important to people.’”

“We had more eyes on us than ever before,” he continued. “Oh, that’s why people make it their career and stick to drama. And what I’ve learned is that I don’t want to be a part of it either. We’re proud to be the non-dramatic kids for the past eight years and I can’t wait to get back there. All this damn. The circus isn’t interesting to me, and it’s not what I want to be described as a creative person.”

Watch the full episode below.


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