The true relationship between Christian Gálvez and Fran Márquez


It was December 2021 when it came to light that Christian Gálvez and Almudena Cid had put an end to their love story. Just two months later, the presenter of Pass word gave a second chance to love by the hand of Patricia Pardo, one of the best-known faces of Ana Rosa’s program. A real scandal that the former Olympic gymnast took herself in the worst of ways. However, for Fran Márquez – former partner of the presenter – it was not like that.

Although Patricia and Fran broke up their marriage almost at the same time as Gálvez, the truth is that they have maintained affection and respect at all times, flaunting its good tune on social networks and, above all, ensuring the well-being of the two daughters they have in common. So much so that now, on the occasion of her birthday, the presenter’s husband wanted to have some fine words both for her and for Christian.

Patricia Pardo and Christian Gálvez walking through Madrid

“I am not one to publish many things, but today I am 39 years old and I am especially happy, because I feel more loved and supported than ever. I am lucky to have the family that I have, the carnal one (which is in Cádiz but they send me all their love) and, of course, my families from Madrid; my work colleagues/friends, my friends from the urbanization and, although it sounds ‘strange’ the good team that we form with my ex-wife and her partner”, He began by explaining in an Instagram publication, hinting that the relationship with Christian Gálvez is very special, unlike the one that Almudena Cid maintains today with the presenter.

And it is that, although Francisco is not a common face in the universe 2.0 -where does not follow Gálvez-, it does make an appearance when the occasion deserves it. “I have received more expressions of affection than I deserve and than I expected, and they all give off real and sincere affection, which means that, without a doubt, I am living an incredible stage. So, I can only say THANK YOU to all of you who are part of it in one way or another ”, he finished his message.

Patricia Pardo and Fran Márquez posing / Instagram
Patricia Pardo and Fran Márquez posing

Although, for the moment, his ex-wife has not given signals on the network on this special day, the truth is that he has shown on more than one occasion the complicity they still share. In addition, Fran also wanted to speak out when the romance of her ex-partner came to light, with a message that did not go unnoticed. «With the V: We all have one, it lasts a breath and we have the right to do with it what we consider to make us happier! She is usually calmer and more satisfying when you rejoice in the happiness of others! From the heart”he shared with his followers, winking at Pass word and making it clear that the fact that his ex-wife had found the illusion again was not a stone in their path as a family.


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