The trial of Britney Griner in Russia will begin on July 1.


BUT The Russian court has ordered Britney Griner trial this Friday, more than four months after she was detained at a Moscow airport on suspicion of marijuana possession.

In addition, it was ordered that phoenixmercury the star remains in custody throughout the criminal process. If found guilty of large-scale drug trafficking, she could spend 10 years in prison.

less than 1% defendants in criminal cases in Russia they are found not guilty, and, unlike in the United States, an acquittal can be overturned.

In Khimki, a suburb of Moscow, a court on Monday extended Griner’s arrest by another six months after she appeared at a secret preliminary hearing.

She appeared in photographs obtained AP being reserved. Until last Saturday, Griner was supposed to remain in the pre-trial detention center.

According to a number of officials and experts familiar with the Griner case, trial and conviction have always been a likely outcome, as they have been for Americans. Trevor Reed as well as Paul Whelan.

Whether or not Russian prosecutors present hard, contrived, or outright false evidence against Griner, the fundamental situation will remain the same: Russia has said it is willing to negotiate for her release, and the trials are just a farce to give the saga the appearance of legitimacy, the sources said.

Tensions between Russia and the United States are growing due to the detention of Griner

Griner’s arrest and trial take place at a particularly low level of relations between Moscow as well as Washington. Less than a week later, Russia moved troops into UkraineExacerbation of the already high voltage.

The US has imposed sweeping sanctions, and Russia has condemned the US for supplying weapons to Ukraine. She was detained at the Moscow Sheremetyevo airport.

Until May when State Department reclassified Griner as wrongfully detained and turned over control of her case to her special presidential envoy for hostage affairs—essentially the chief negotiator for the US government—her supporters kept a low profile in the hope of a peaceful solution.

As a result of this action, the Griner case has gained more attention as supporters call for a prisoner exchange similar to that brought Veteran Marine Reid home in exchange for a Russian pilot convicted in April of conspiring with drug traffickers.


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