The tragedy that marked the life of Queen Elizabeth


The British royal family is going through one of the most difficult moments. During his nearly seventy years of reign, Elizabeth II had to face countless crises, Some of these are particularly complex, such as the Aberfan disaster or the accumulation of circumstances that made 1992 a “terrible year” for the institution, in the words of the monarch himself.

However, it seems that the strength of the monarch has been tested more recently. At the age of 95, she does not seem to have the intention of handing over the baton to the new generation, and she still has an unwavering commitment. British. The death of the Duke of Edinburgh in April last year caused the monarch to lose “his rock and roll”, as she defined Prince Philip. In one of her most difficult moments, especially because the Duke of Sussex left the “company” in a way that was not particularly cordial, it was a difficult defeat.

However, this is a recent demand Virginia Juffer Prince Andrew is the last straw.The special relationship between the monarch and the monarch Duke of YorkIt has always been said that she is her favorite son, so this situation affects her in a special way. Prince Andrew has taken refuge in Balmoral, and it is not yet clear his strategy in the face of the lawsuit.

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of York/Gtres in the file picture

Except for this scandal, Duke of Sussex In recent times, everything related to this couple is another major issue that has caused the Queen to have a headache. With so many, sources close to Buckingham promised that the monarch would consider legal measures against marriage defamation.

In recent years, these two crises are not the only crises facing the royal family, but they are one of the most serious crises. In 1936, the then King Edward VIII, despite the opposition of the Church of England and government ministers, decided to marry the American divorced Wallis Simpson, which triggered a constitutional crisis.

Wallis Simpson
The Duke of Windsor/Gtres in File Image

More than 50 years after his abdication, the royal family fell into crisis again after the divorce. Prince Charles and Princess Diana As the princess granted the interview to the show “Panorama”, it officially ended after a controversy that almost all details were made public. By the way, I was recently found to be coerced by Diana in an interview.

Prince Carlos
The situation between Carlos and Diana restricts the image of Crown/Gtres

Later, the cause of death Diana The accident in Paris after vacationing with Dodi Al Fayed was another major blow to the agency. Although the whole world was shocked by the death of the princess, it took a few days for Queen Elizabeth to make a statement on the matter. This error even the then Prime Minister Tony Blair blamed her, which had a negative impact on her image. .

Another event that has the greatest impact on Queen Elizabeth is in her “Terror Yearbook”, which is Windsor Castle. On November 20, 1992, a fire caused severe damage to the royal family. After a problematic light bulb lit the curtain next to the altar, Queen Victoria’s private church caught fire. Within minutes, the fire spread to the St. George’s Hall next door, destroying 115 rooms, including 9 State Halls.

Queen Isabel
Windsor Castle has always been a very special place for the Queen/Gtres

According to the Royal Collection Trust: “It is surprising that only two works of art were lost in the fire: a mahogany sideboard and a huge painting by Sir William Beach that could not be removed from the wall in time. “

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