The Tous bear retouches a little: the pendant that will be a trend in 2023


Tous is one of the most famous jewelry brands globally, with the bear as its main icon. “It represents one of the brand’s core values ​​and what it is identified for worldwide: tenderness.” Now, Tous has released a pendant that will surely become a trend next year 2023 because it shows the bear in a way we’ve never seen before.

The most special pendant from Tous

It is about more modern version of the medium bear pendant, in silver and silver vermeil from the Bold Bear collection. The design is taken care of down to the smallest detail to give volume and life to the new charm. A Tous bear pendant in sterling silver and silver vermeil Bold Bear in 3D. The silver colored parts are the ear and paw. The size of the bear is 16 millimeters.

Like the rest of TOUS jewels, the pendant is of high quality. It comes with its certificate of authenticity and in addition, it has an aftermarket service that includes repair and maintenance of the parts. The statutory guarantee is three years.

If you want to make a very special Christmas present, the pendant is delivered in a round box. If you want, you can add a free personal note with your purchase. You just need to write the message that you like the most, and Tous will send it to you. The Tous bear pendant is available in the company’s online store for 119 euros. Home delivery is free.

It should be noted that the item does not include the chain, only the pendant. Therefore, if you want to complete the gift, you can add a chain like this medium silver with 1.8 mm beads. It is made of sterling silver and costs 25 euros.

small shoulder bag

Tous also has a large selection of bags that are perfect for making a very special Christmas present. One of the best sellers is this one small ‘Andree La Ruel’ crossbody bag in purple faux leather with cowhide lining. It has a flap closure with two magnetic buttons, two open compartments inside and an open pocket on the front. The shoulder strap is adjustable. It is for sale in the Tous online store for 159 euros.


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