The third “Lucho show”: beer in Qatar, Eric Garcia as coach and the name of his book


With more than 120,000 people live and with several sound problems at the start, the third day of Luis Enrique as a streamer, it wasn’t as fun as the previous ones, but he came back to drop some sensational sentences. He assured that he prefers his players to drink a beer rather than a coke, he affirmed that he sees Eric Garcia as a future coach and revealed the name of his first book. He also said that his wife is a football connoisseur before announcing that this Monday and Wednesday, match day, there will be no stream.

The third stream of Luis Enrique in tic it started 26 minutes late due to various sound issues. Lucho started with 70,000 people live and later surpassed 123,000 viewers, when he already has more than 440,000 subscribers on his channel.

“Fortunately, I already thought that I couldn’t give my dose of motivation”, that’s how it started Luis Enrique his third day as a streamer. And it is that ‘Luis Padrique’, as his followers call him, he places great value on this daily experience.

It started on the second day by correcting the errors of the previous stream and counting the training day of the Spanish team in Qatar. A day where cazorla visited those of Luis Enrique. He also said he saw Bucket very suitable and that the goal is to make a great World Cup.

One of the most viral phrases from his second stream was about Ferran Torres And your daughter. On the third day, Lucho played down the issue, saying “we have a normal professional relationship. It’s the players and I’m the coach.” A few minutes later, he specifies that on Wednesday all available players will be there against Costa Rica.

The Rules of Concentration was a subject that gave way for a while. Luis Enrique He confided in his stream in front of more than 100,000 people that he is very normal and that he prefers his players to have a beer rather than a coke. He also specifies that during meals it is the only time when you cannot pick up your cell phone to promote group cohesion and that if someone arrives late he must pay a fine.

It was a more boring stream than the day before and repeating some songs, so Luis Enrique He announced that he will not be streaming this Monday “to save his voice” and that he will not be doing so on match day either. Lucho’s fourth show will take place on the Tuesday before the start of Spain.

He also touched on some interesting topics on his third stream like what he sees Eric Garcia as a future coach, also for Kokeya Carvajal, that he plays tennis very badly, that if he ever writes a book, it will be called “the man looking for the safe”, that his wife is a specialist in football, that he is very critical of himself- even as a coach, that he really likes the way he plays Valencethat death is a natural thing and that his most shouted goal was the 12-1 of Spain a malt.


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