The terrible threats to Meghan Markle are discovered days before the premiere of her docuseries on Netflix


Perhaps there were people who once called Prince Henry “exaggerated” by choosing to distance himself from the British Royal Family with his wife in order to “protect” her. What no one could imagine is that the marriage would have already been the protagonist of a series of extreme situations for which they had no choice but to make that drastic decision, which have come to light almost three years after what is now known as megxit.

Harry and Meghan at the Queen’s funeral

It has been a few hours ago when the British counterterrorism unit has been in charge of revealing that The Duchess of Sussex was the direct target of a possible attack, having received “very real” private threats. This has been confessed by Anil Kanti “Neil” Basu, former anti-terrorism chief of the London Metropolitan Police, through his latest interview for Channel 4 News, assuring that there were “disgusting and very real” threats against Prince William’s sister-in-law and her husbandhaving investigated many of these movements and “processed” the people who carried them out in their day.

In this way, this man has positioned himself on the side of Meghan and the youngest son of Diana of Wales, who recently pointed out that: “If someone else knew what he knew…”. Some enigmatic words with which he hinted that the situation within the British Crown was dangerous for him and especially for his wife, whom they did not see with very good eyes some groups of extreme right and of racist nature.

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle in Manchester

Precisely this information has come to light when the couple is immersed in the countdown to release his new docuseries on Netflix. Only a few days have passed since the launch of the fifth season of The Crownand yet, all those followers of the British Royal House already want to know more about the Windsor clan, which is why Meghan Markle and Prince Harry would have chosen to tell their version with a recording on one of the most prominent entertainment platforms. on an international level.

Although at first the former actress and the Duke of Sussex made a series of modifications with which they hinted that the broadcast would be delayed considerably, the truth is that there are only days left for viewers to enjoy it. As she has confirmed page six through statements from prominent sources in the film industry, It is expected that the docuseries of the youngest son of King Carlos III and his wife will be released on December 8That is, next Thursday.

Dukes of Sussex / Gtres
The Dukes of Sussex very complicit

In this way, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth and his wife will have the opportunity to speak at length about some chapters of media harassment and other areas that they would have experienced as a result of their marriage. Something that they already did in the documentary El me que no puedes ver, on Apple +TV, in which Prince Enrique came to admit having feared for the life of his wife, refusing that the same thing happen to him as to his mother, who He lost his life in a car accident in 1997.


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