The tense result of the German election condemns the EU’s paralysis

To apply the football motto, the European Union is a club with 27 countries and regions Germany always wins. It is the largest member country and major economic power. During her 16 years in power, Angela Merkel led the European Union to deal with all crises. Although in theory it does not have a separate veto power, Brussels did not make a decision on Berlin. In recent months, many urgent decisions-Especially in the economic field- They have been put on hold, waiting for the election this Sunday.

The tense results of the German opinion poll threaten Prolong the EU’s paralysis indefinitely. Minimal victory of the Social Democratic Party Olaf Schultz It does not guarantee the formation of a government.With the end of the Merkel era, the election intensified The split of the German political landscape, So much so that it takes three parties to establish a stable alliance.

at the same time, An important partner who decides who governs They have different preferences: Although the Green Party defends that Schultz should become the next prime minister, the liberals of the Liberal Democratic Party are betting on the loser, the Christian Democrat Armin Laschet. “Maybe the Green Party And the FDP should be discussed between us first,” the liberal leader Christian Lindner (Christian Lindner) proposed. The uncertainty is greatest.All analysts predict Negotiations to form a new German government will continue for several months.

Although the EU is blocked by the lack of a definition of Germany, the world has not stagnated.Although US President Joe Biden declared that he was a friend of Europe, he nevertheless left Afghanistan or New AUKUS military alliance with Australia and the United KingdomIn the new world order marked by the conflict between the United States and China, the European Union has become outdated.

Since Berlin is not at the negotiating table, Josep Borrell, the head of community diplomacy, cannot promote A huge leap in national defense and strategic sovereignty. Negotiations will not make progress either Relaxation of deficit and debt rules, The top priority of the vice president Nadia Calvinho, It hopes to reach an agreement before applying the Stability Pact again in 2023.It’s in the same paralyzed state Immigration policy reform, New arsenal Norms to deal with climate change Or law The power to contain the U.S. digital giants.

Of course, in Brussels, the downfall of extremists in these elections has been relieved. All parties that may enter the future German government are pro-European. The central forces resisted, and populists and radicals collapsed. The far right of the German Alternative Party, which took effect in the elections before 2017, has lost ground. Die Linke’s radical leftist also stepped down.

The most likely result is a loose continuity alliance with Merkel in the final stages. In fact, Schultz campaigned by posing as the natural heir to the prime minister.However, if he finally formed the government, it would be irritated Changes in the balance of power within the European Council Support the Social Democratic Party. Currently, the European People’s Party has 9 heads of state or government, the Liberal Party has 7 and the Socialist Party has 6.

After Schultz becomes prime minister, EPP will lose its main representative and no longer control any EU power. In contrast, the Social Democrats not only hold power in Germany and Spain, but also in the Nordic countries or Malta, thus multiplying their power in Brussels.

They can play a role in any upcoming senior cast. Especially because now they only control a secondary position, such as the Senior Representative for Foreign and Security Policy (held by Borrell), and a popular position has Ursula Von der Leyen as the chairman of the committee. And the liberal Charles Michel (Charles Michel al) served as the President of the European Council.

Actually in front of me The popular Europeans got the result of a thunderous silence After the German election (with little response from Brussels), the Socialist Party soon congratulated their candidates. Among them, President Sanchez himself or the Commissioner for Economic Affairs, Paul Gentiloni“Congratulations to Olaf Scholz for such a successful campaign. Social justice, sustainable growth and green transformation have made Europe stronger,” Gentiloni wrote.

“Congratulations to Olaf Schultz and the Social Democratic Party for their brilliant results. Spain and Germany will continue to work for a stronger Europe and a fair and green recovery, leaving no one behind,” Sanchez said. Strengthen the alliance with Berlin This will help the Prime Minister to promote his social agenda and relax fiscal rules in Brussels. At the same time, Sanchez will lose his position as the main socialist leader of the European Union.


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