The Taliban announce their new government: a terrorist president, no women

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The Taliban revealed the key members of the new interim government on Tuesday Afghanistan, There will be no women, all of its members are train Islamist, Despite the new promise “Inclusive” governmentThe cabinet also includes several terrorists.

Mullah Hassan Ahund becomes the new president-included in the UN terrorist list-with Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar As his right-hand man and cabinet minister, the main spokesperson of the Taliban revealed that Zabihula Jihadist, At a press conference in Kabul.

Although Akhund has become a member of the Taliban leadership and is one of its founders, government leaders temporaryAlthough highly respected in training, his reputation is not as good as other announced ministers.

This is the case for the 53-year-old Baradar, who is the co-founder of the Taliban militia and has been considered a right-hand man for Mullah Omar, the founding leader of the rebel movement for many years. As the president of Afghanistan, Baradar sounds strong.

The new Minister of the Interior of Afghanistan will Sirajudin Hakani, 48 years old, one of the most feared insurgent organizations in Afghanistan: the head of the terrorist network HakaniFounded by his father Jalaluddin Haqqani (Jalaluddin Haqqani), in the 1980s against the Soviet invasion. He was wanted and arrested by the U.S. Federal Police (FBI) for “interrogation during the bombing of a hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan in January 2008. Six people were killed, including a U.S. citizen.”

Mujahid also announced that Mullah Yakubu, the son of the founder of the rebel movement and the current military chief of the organization, will become the acting minister of defense.

No woman

The 20 ministers announced by the Taliban spokesperson belonged to the ranks of the insurgent organization. They were all mullahs or religious figures, and there were no women or outsiders on the list, despite the Taliban’s promise to establish a government. “Inclusiveness” and members represent the entire Afghan society outside of training.

The main spokesperson of the rebel group did not elaborate on what role the Taliban supreme leader Mullah will play since 2016. Shibatura Ahunzada, Although it has not yet been officially recognized as the new spiritual hegemon of Afghanistan.

Mujahid clarified that it is an “interim government”, although the Taliban gave few clues about the future political process in Afghanistan.

On August 15, at the end of the rapid offensive during the final withdrawal of US and NATO troops, the Taliban controlled almost all of Afghanistan and conquered Kabul.

The rebels announced their conquest this Monday Panjshir Province, The country’s last opposition stronghold, although the National Resistance Front (NRF) stated that it still exists in the area.

On the same day the Taliban announced the news, hundreds of Afghans, many of whom were women, held demonstrations across Afghanistan to show their support for the resistance to the Taliban and criticized Pakistan for allegedly providing military assistance to Islamic organizations.

The protests led to the arrest of protesters and journalists, and reported attacks by insurgents.


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