The Taliban abolished the Women’s Department and replaced it with the Deputy Prevention Department

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The Taliban officially disbanded the Afghanistan Ministry today Women’s Affairs, But for Promote VirtueSecondary prevention, Who will be responsible for the strict implementation of Islamic norms, whose front will be Mohamed Khalid.

At least three officials Ministry of Women’s Affairs They confirmed the suppression of institutions responsible for the promotion of women’s public policies and rights and ensured that there was “no” women’s ministry under the Taliban’s mandate.

“The Ministry of Women was abolished and the Taliban told us that there was no longer any Ministry of Women, and it became a Ministry of Virtue and Crime Prevention,” said Islamuddin, a former official of the Missing Agency.

The government officially cancelled this investment portfolio today. Islamic government A new slogan was installed that read: “The Ministry of Virtue Transmission and Prevention of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan”.

Islamuddin said that dozens of employees came to their office to resume work yesterday, but the Taliban “not allowed us to enter the ministry.”

“We thought they changed”

The Ministry of Women’s Affairs was established in 2001 under the leadership of the then President of Afghanistan. Hamid KarzaiAs part of an international effort to solve women’s issues, it has approximately 850 employees nationwide.

In the past two decades, the mission of the agency has been to formulate policies, promote rights, eliminate violence and discrimination against women, and promote their active participation in the social and political life of Afghanistan.

“When the Taliban came to power, we thought they had changed, but unfortunately, we did not see any change in the views and actions of the Taliban,” Dadras said.x Ministry employees and activists For women’s rights.

“The Ministry of Women is the spokesperson for women in Afghanistan and the world, but it was abolished and turned into another institution that had nothing to do with women’s affairs. It was an institution that punishes the people,” he criticized.

“We lost everything”

“Where is the international community that has been talking about women’s rights for the past 20 years, today we are left behind, alone, no one listens to us,” the activist said with tears.

For Dadras, the arrival of the Taliban, coupled with the government’s exclusion of women, and the loss of positions gained over the past 20 years, Leaving an uncertain path for her daughter’s future, And the next generation of women in Afghanistan.

“Why doesn’t the international community support us? Women have lost everything, and none of us supports us,” she exclaimed.

Nevertheless, some activists believe that these actions will not be able to suppress women’s demands.

“I don’t know how long we will witness the disappearance of identities and female roles. The Taliban must be convinced that they will not be able to eliminate and suppress women by canceling a department,” said activist Basira Taheri.

“I believe women will find a way to leave this country,” he said.

Sin and virtue

Department Promote good and evil Already in the government of Afghanistan’s first Taliban regime Disbanded After he was expelled due to the American invasion in 2001.

Afghans still have painful memories of this institution. Under the Taliban regime from 1996 to 2001, the institution was responsible for overseeing and implementing Islamic law, Sharia law.

Members of the so-called “religious police” who rely on the ministry beat men who listen to music, shave, and do not pray on the street, and beat women who do not wear a burqa or veil or go out without a partner.Male, father, husband or brother


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