The symbolic congratulations of the Royal Family: Leonor and Sofía, protagonists

The future of the Crown symbolized in the new generation, but also, the special relationship of two sisters who are very close. Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía are, this year, the great protagonists of the traditional congratulations of the Royal Family. The Zarzuela Palace has distributed this Monday, December 12, the ‘Christmas’ with which the Kings and their daughters congratulate the Holidays. If last year his Majesties opted for a family print in which Don Felipe and Doña Letizia appeared in the company of their two daughters in a garden, this time, Leonor and Sofía are in charge of congratulating Christmas.

Christmas greeting from the Royal Family. / House of HM the King

An image that also reflects the special relationship that exists between the Princess and her younger sister, her squire, her great support in every way. Leonor appears in the foreground smiling, dressed in an ecru sweater and behind her, embracing her, the infant sofia, with a striped sweater, sailor style. Both look at the camera relaxed and happy, against a bucolic and autumnal background.

Christmas greeting from the Royal Family. / House of HM the King

An image loaded with symbolism, because it reflects not only the new generations of the monarchy, embodied in Princess Leonor, as the future Queen, but also the bond that exists between the two sisters and that the Kings have worked so hard to foster. Despite the fact that they are both aware that her roles are different, Sofia is the best support for her older sister, always in a discreet background. To this we must add that the Princess has her very present in all her steps and in her speeches.

As in previous years, the congratulations are signed by the King and Queen and by the Princess and the Infanta. Leonor signs under Don Felipe, while Infanta Sofía does so under her mother.

The Zarzuela Palace You have chosen an important date to publish the photo. Just three days after the return of Princess Leonor to Spain to enjoy her Christmas holidays. The heiress will be at home until the beginning of January, but for now there is no record of whether she is going to participate in any official commitment or if we will be able to see her in a private outing with the rest of the family.

For the moment, throughout this week the Kings Don Felipe and Doña Letizia continue with their official agenda as normal. The Queen is in Los Angeles at the inauguration of the new headquarters of the Cervantes Institute, while Don Felipe has several commitments in Madrid.

The ‘Christmas’ of Kings Juan Carlos and Sofia