The Swedish Parliament elects Magdalena Anderson as the first female Prime Minister


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Sweden will have a woman as prime minister for the first time in history.Social Democratic Party Magdalena Anderson Was selected by the Swedish Parliament for this position and will lead a minority red and green government instead of Stefan Löfven, after months of chaos, left this position a few weeks ago.

Anderson, the first woman to rule Sweden, Received 117 votes in favor, 174 votes against and 57 abstentions, So as to meet the conditions for being elected prime minister stipulated in the Swedish system: there is no opposition from the House of Representatives, and it is set to 175 seats.

The leader of the Social Democratic Party last night Reach an agreement with the socialists This allows her to win the election, and she will have to face another vote on the next budget in the House of Representatives in a few hours, in which there is no guarantee that she will get a majority, which may force her to govern with the right-wing opposition.

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