The surprising illusion on the faces of Susanna Griso and Ana Rosa


The world of communications has had a very special night. Ana Quintana She won the Merca2 Communicator of the Year Award.Awards given Susannah Gray. Although both reporters are “adversaries” on the small screen, the two have shown that they maintain a good relationship. Plus, they had a lovely moment on stage.

A recent photo of Susanna Griso. / Getreth

the host public mirror She doesn’t hesitate to talk about what it means to her to present awards to her colleagues: “I am so excited to personally present this award to him. In fact, I asked to be the one to deliver it. I had to introduce the gala because it was suspended two years ago due to the pandemic and I was waiting. Three years ago I Can’t get it, because my sister just passed away, so this is the third lucky time, it’s a huge fantasy to be able to deliver it to Ana Rosa, who is known to have returned to the screen ».

Although the two are rivals on the small screen, the relationship is good: «We often follow each other. Now speaking of my sister, she was the first person to call me after she passed away, and I am well aware of her condition, her battle, and her return. along the off-screen.

Susannah Gray
Suzanne Griso and Ana Rosa Quintana. / Getreth

The reporter wrote some lovely words Anna Ross: What I’m going to say tonight is that you have to be very strong, very strong, very resilient to endure so many hours on TV. It’s the daily marathon we’ve been running for years. In his case, I think it’s 18 and my 17 is 19, watching five hours of TV a day. I did the calculations by lowering the elevator and I got about 23,000 hours, which is not bad. I think we have TV records. Susanna Griso, acknowledging Ana Rosa’s strength, said that you have to be very resistant and strong to endure so much pressure and so much dedication.

Susannah Gray
Suzanne Griso and Ana Rosa Quintana. / Getreth

The Catalan thought her partner did a good job slowing down a bit on her return: «We live not only with time, but also with early risers. It keeps you from living a normal life and I think what you need to do now is take care of yourself and take a day off during the week to recharge. I think she’s made an effort on the front lines and I think she has to take it easy because a disease like hers, breast cancer, shows you that life is more important than anything else. The rest of the”.

Ana Rosa also expressed some affection for her colleague: «She has always acted so well, she has been so generous… She has a lot of class and has always been affectionate», talked about Suzanne Griso. Ana Rosa also stated that in fact Susannah Gray Giving her the award was her generosity as they were rivals, but she stressed that “one thing is life and the other is work and it’s important to be apart”.

Suzanne Griso and Ana Rosa Quintana. / Getreth

The veteran evangelist, who was gorgeous in an elegant black dress, promises that the award has her very excited: “Everything has been particularly exciting this year.», he made comments upon his arrival at the event. Ana Rosa, who shows a sense of humor, said she has been recognized as the best communicator despite having been on sick leave due to health issues in recent months and “she has not communicated much”, but stressed that with a great deal of attention. The strength is back and eager to keep working hard this new season.


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